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Social Security Disability Insurance is a benefit workers earn and are entitled to collect if they become disabled, and therefore unable to continue working. If someone suffers a disability that prevents them from working for a period of a year or more, applying to collect Social Security Disability Insurance can help that disabled worker avoid financial ruin or being unable to care for a family. If you have suffered a disability and would like to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or you have been denied and would like to appeal, the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert may be able to help you.

Amanda Dowgiert knows the importance of SSDI for those who truly need it. However, fraud and misuse have made the process of qualifying and appealing a denial more difficult than it should be. The process also entails a great deal of paperwork and documentation. Because of how extensive the application process can be and what all may be at stake, it is vital that you have legal counsel and advice to help ensure you get a fair and favorable outcome.

What Will My SSDI Benefits Be?

The payments from SSDI are paid once a month. The amount you may qualify for is directly related to how much you have earned and paid into Social Security during your lifetime. Depending on the situation, your spouse or children may also qualify for monthly SSDI payments. After two years of being disabled and approved for SSDI payments, you will then qualify for Medicare benefits.

Before applying, it is key to know the Social Security definition of disabled. There are a wide range of qualifying conditions and disabilities. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help you review this list, determine an honest assessment of your situation, and help you start the process. In order to qualify, you may need employment records, medical documentation outlining the nature of the disability, and a medical determination about the long term status of the disability. The firm can help organize these documents and best present your application for SSDI.

What If I’m Denied Benefits?

For those who have been denied, many find they are approved after appealing the decision. An effective appeal may help those who need SSDI for their financial survival get the benefits they are rightfully entitled to. An appeal may necessitate more in-depth medical documentation or assessments. When the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert takes on your appeal, you can feel confident everything is being handled in the most professional and beneficial manner.

When you are facing a disability and the possibility of not working for more than a year, or maybe never again, you certainly have enough to contend with. It may be the most challenging time of your life. The benefits you have worked hard to accrue may be the only way to take of yourself or your family now. When there is so much riding on the approval of these benefits, let the Law Office Amanda Dowgiert be there to help you get the outcome you need. The firm is dedicated to those who need help and committed to seeing a case through to the resolution you deserve so you can move forward. Contact us for more information on SSDI and what you may be entitled to.

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