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Protecting Yourself During Your Divorce

It is well known that divorces get messy with all the tension, and bad blood should be expected. Emotions tend to get in the way of rational thinking during divorce thus standing alone is quite difficult. The divorce process can be complex, especially if children are involved. It may be a good idea to seek the assistance of a reputable divorce attorney in New Hampshire.

Seek The Help of a Divorce Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you’re going through an amicable divorce or an adversarial divorce, you need support. Go search for competent counsel by asking all the important questions about your divorce and custody.

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Financial Accounts


Everyone has financial accounts and married couples have more of these than singles, thus when divorce is imminent this becomes a big problem. Ensure you take inventory of all your accounts. With the help of your lawyer, be sure to make a list of all accounts in your name, your spouse’s name and both of your names, account numbers and balances, as well as bank and creditor addresses. If by chance you find anything strange be sure to turn over the copies to your attorney and get advice on how to proceed.

Custody Rights and Children

First things first, if you have children, moving out may not be a good idea, as you automatically ruin your chance at custody. Fighting for custody can be very difficult and should be avoided especially if it is across state lines. If the disputes persist, it would be time to contact your attorney about obtaining a temporary restraining order. You need to set the right standard at the beginning, if you settle for less, you will tend to get less. It may also be a good idea to demand for joint legal custody.


Take your personal papers including birth certificates, pension papers, and diplomas and keep them safe with a trusted friend or attorney. Make copies of joint records one for your spouse and the other one yours. The originals should be handed to your attorney. Catalog all items you own together in the presence of your spouse.

Secure all valuable personal property or items with a lot of emotional value. In the case of marital assets, it is important for both parties to provide frank disclosure of their assets. In the event that your partner is disposing of marital assets that should be divided, consult a specialist family lawyer immediately. It is of great importance to seek legal advice before agreeing to anything.

Personal Protection

Keep a record of events, for example time spent with children, arguments between you and your partner, and telephone calls. Let it not be overly emotional and also address each entry to your lawyer so that it becomes privileged information. Do not sign any document as some documents cannot be modified by any attorney later. Make sure your attorney reviews any document before signing it. Prepare for false accusations and if this happens, be sure to inform your lawyer.

It is paramount that you take it upon yourself to protect yourself and enlist the aid of an attorney when necessary to help you ease the burden of a rather draining process of divorce.

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