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Employment law encompasses a variety of issues and situations. Both employers and employees in Massachusetts in any kind of business or industry may find themselves in need of a skilled and determined employment law attorney. If you need long term services, advice, or help with a single legal dispute related to your status as an employer or employee, let the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert be the only resource you need to get the right results.

The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help employers with contract issues, termination of employment, and negotiations with employees. She can also help with legal matters such as severance packages, pay or wage disputes, or outlining benefits. If faced with wrongful termination, discrimination or sexual harassment/hostile work environment charges, the firm will investigate the situation and help protect your business and reputation.

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The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can represent employees as they negotiate contracts and benefits. The firm can also help employees pursue discrimination or wrongful termination suits. This firm also has the compassion and understanding needed to help an employee handle a harassment/hostile work environment suit.

The relationship between employers and employees should be based on fairness, safety, and understanding. But, there are times when miscommunications, disputes, and illegal or unjust actions are committed by one party. With the help of employment attorney Amanda Dowgiert, you can get the justice you deserve and protect your reputation or your business at the same time.

Having legal counsel by your side as you navigate an employment law issue can help you feel protected and secure in your decision or situation. This firm will give your case the time needed to make an honest assessment and remain committed to helping you through any situation. Amanda Dowgiert will also help devise a plan for moving forward. She will negotiate details of an employment contract or severance agreement. She can also aggressively pursue the truth if you have been discriminated against or wrongfully accused of discrimination. No employment law issue is too small or large for the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert.

You have every right to seek the advice and legal assistance of an employment law attorney when faced with any kind of legal issue or paperwork. This firm can protect your interests, your Massachusetts employment rights, and help you get the resolution you need for any kind of employment law case.

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