Landlord/Tenant Lawyer in Massachusetts

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a legally binding partnership. Both parties have rights and protections under the landlord/tenant laws in Massachusetts. There may be a wide range of legal needs and complications between both parties. Whether you are the tenant or landlord, entering into an agreement or experiencing a dispute with the other party calls for legal guidance and advice. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help navigate any landlord or tenant needs and will work to protect the rights of the parties involved.

Some of the landlord and tenant issues and documentation the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can draft or resolve any disputes about may include:

  • Drafting of lease or rental agreement
  • Move-in checklist
  • Security deposit amount, release, deductions
  • Late fees pertaining to rent
  • Disclosures, such as lead or environmental hazards
  • Notice to raise rent
  • Notice to evict
  • Massachusetts law of termination for violation of lease
  • Abandoned property rights
  • Discrimination against tenants
  • Enforcement or breach of local codes, such as noise or sanitary issues
  • Tenant withholding of rent when there are repair disputes
  • Landlord rights to access property
  • Tenant protection from retaliation if filing a complaint against landlord
  • Landlord seeking claims for damages


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There may also be more issues that crop up during a landlord and tenant relationship. It is vital that both parties are fully aware of their rights and protections under the landlord-tenant rights laws in Massachusetts. There may be times when the need for legal intervention is blatant. But, there may also be times when it isn’t so clear whether or not one party needs legal counsel to deal with an issue or dispute. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can assess your situation and help determine the best course of action.

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