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Everyone deserves and has the legal right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. For some employees, the work place is anything but safe and respectful. A sexual harassment charge in Massachusetts is a serious issue for both women and men. It also has very serious consequences for everyone involved. If you feel you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you need legal assistance from an attorney who has the sensitivity and compassion to understand what you have gone through. You will also want an attorney who will aggressively pursue justice and the truth during what may be a difficult time. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can be your source for guidance and protection.

It is important to understand the legal definitions and the laws pertaining to sexual harassment in Massachusetts. If you are unsure if what you have endured is harassment, she will listen to the details and assess where you stand. There are a number of blatant and subtle behaviors that meet the guidelines for sexual harassment.

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While the effects of sexual harassment may be very real, it can still be difficult to prove in court. Amanda Dowgiert is an employment law attorney and criminal defense lawyer who will fight to gather evidence, align ay witnesses, and help find past victims who may be able to outline a pattern of harassment or compliance of harassment by an employer or company. Documentation of remarks or behaviors may be useful in a sexual harassment case.  Other useful evidence may include emails, messages, or complaints filed with human resources. Security video may also help establish proof of behaviors.

For victims, it is important to secure counsel who will protect your privacy and reputation. These cases can often be difficult and sensitivity to the long term impact and psychological trauma is paramount.

Employers can also be wrongfully accused of sexual harassment. If you are wrongfully accused, she can help defend your name, company, and reputation. Attorney Amanda Dowgiert will work to uncover the truth and fight for the resolution you need.

Call the firm today for an honest assessment of your situation. Amanda Dowgiert will help you navigate the case and help you begin to move forward from any sexual harassment situation.


Some of the most common sexual harassment situations or actions include:

  • Sexual advances
  • Touching or groping
  • Gestures
  • Indicating sexual behavior is necessary to keep or advance in a job
  • Coercion
  • Intimidation into sexual activity
  • Showing of sexually explicit material
  • Sexual jokes
  • Written or verbal sexual remarks

Resources: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


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