Unemployment Hearings Lawyer in Massachusetts

Unemployment benefits may be vital for someone who has lost a job. Without the safety and security of unemployment benefits in Massachusetts, someone may be unable to provide the most basic necessities for themselves or a family. There are times when workers have difficulties obtaining unemployment benefits they are entitled to, or they need to appeal a denial. If you have an upcoming unemployment hearing, you need legal counsel to help you navigate the situation. Employment attorney for Massachusetts Amanda Dowgiert can help you with your unemployment hearing needs.

What Am I Entitled To?

The Division of Unemployment Assistance will determine eligibility for benefits. The circumstances of how employment ended are key factors when someone seeks benefits. If you were let go, benefits can still be denied. This can be the case if the employer states that firing you was the result of wrongdoing or misconduct on your part. If you willingly left the job, it may be difficult to qualify for benefits. You may have to prove you tried to resolve an issue or were pressured to leave. The circumstances can be as unique as the person involved. With a skilled and committed unemployment hearing lawyer in your corner, you stand a greater chance of getting the benefits you need.

Unemploment Lawyer Massachusettes

The Process

The legal paperwork alone may be overwhelming and confusing. When filing or proceeding with an appeal, you will want all employment records and reviews. Any disciplinary papers, promotion paperwork, or evaluations may also be helpful in proving eligibility for benefits. Other documentation such as employment contracts, handbooks, letters, and emails may also help your case. Medical records and witness statements may also be needed. The Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help you with the documentation process and help present your case in a comprehensive and honest manner. Even though the appeal process can be complicated and time-consuming, the firm can help you prepare for a hearing and increase your chances of winning your case.

 Attorney Amanda Dowgiert understands what is at stake. You need representation on your side who is dedicated to fighting for you and available to hear the details of your case. She will evaluate the situation you are in and give you a fair assessment so you can move forward. When your unemployment benefits are hanging in the balance, you need the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert in your corner.